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In the modern world humans are working miracles when it comes to making money online; trading online is a great platform to earn that money and Binary Options Trading has made that earning quite easy. Binary Trading Global has made meticulous research about every Binary Options Trading Platform and has placed it quite comfortably for a trader to access. We understand the need of traders; you may be an experienced Options Trader or a newbie or you have heard about Binary Options and its benefit through an email, or from a friend of yours who is successfully making money; whatever is the reason, now you have taken that step to invest. No matter how you came to know about Binary Options you need to choose the right Binary Broker, The Best performing Binary Options Trading Platform and it also depends on your capacity to invest and learn the trick of the trade.


Binary Options Trading Explained

Vital decisions are taken by different people differently however the universal decision making formula is either a “Yes” or a “No”, that’s how simple it is to understand Binary Options Trading which is also known as “all –or-nothing digital options”. It is a financial option which plays an asset pricing role in the form of financial derivates with an outcome of payoffs or end up with no money. Binary options are Cash or no cash and asset or nothing. Taking a risk to earn money is not an erroneous decision but not making a complete research about the move is vital. Options trading has become the most welcoming form of trading among traders as opposed to Forex Trading and Stock Market trading because of its simplicity and transparency as it clearly allows the trader to know how much one can win and how much one can lose, thus this form of trading becomes calculative risk if one knows how to handle it.

CT Option Trading

The simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision is what is required however it is not as simple as it is termed. Understanding Binary Options is pretty easy but acquiring the trading skills and updating oneself with various strategies to trade is very important. If the trader believes that the price of the commodity or currency will surpass certain amount when compared to the current amount and time then the trader can choose Call Option or the amount will diminish when compared to current trend then the trader can choose Put Option and buy the binary option with the amount the trader is comfortable to invest. If the trader’s decision is correct then certain brokers offer 90% ROI (Return on Investment) and some offer 80% ROI. If the trader’s decision is wrong then the trader loses his money some brokers offer a pay back on the losses in a percentage they have agreed to at the time of registration. Binary Options is a financial option which also governed by regulators and it differs from country to country, there are also non-regulated binary brokers and brokers who indulge in binary options scams which a binary trader should be aware of.

IQ Option Trading

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In order to place a trade, the investor simply selects the asset they want to trade, the direction the asset will move.

How to trade

Simplicity is the key to the success of Binary Options Trading. It’s not rocket science, no complications, no big research needed.

Binary Option

Binary Options the simplest form of trading platform in the financial sector, that has become the traders best choice recently.

One Touch Option

Most Lucrative and highly rewarding type of trade in the Binary Options Trade is the One Touch Options.

Put Option

Put Option

The trader’s intention is very clear that the asset chosen will go down, thus the trader chooses the put option or down.

Call Option

Call Options

You take the call. Call Option simply means that you take a decision on the asset chosen if it will go up you choose.