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Binary Options Trading Scam Alert

You are choosing a Binary Broker to Trade and Make Money not to be Scammed

Options are always available in this world and it is inevitable in all walks of life, and Binary Options is no exception to it. A simple and lucrative trading platform to make money for small time investors and big time players as well; Binary Options made it real big in to the trading market from 2008. Many traders know that there is a huge potential to make money, likewise the fraudsters and fakers also know that there is huge crowd of inexperienced traders who have no clue as to what is legitimate and not.

You can be scammed easily when you don’t update yourself regularly about the market situation. A trader’s job is not complete just with a deposit in to a broker; there is lot more work to be carried out. At the end of the day it’s your money. Keeping watch on activities taking place on the trading account and keeping oneself updated with regular information is the key to avoid scams.

Why Do People Scam?
How Could A Trader Be Scammed?

A simple and lucrative way of making money is also so simple to understand then why do people get confused and run around to find a better way to make money or faster way to make money.

Key Components and duties of a Trader to trade safely and make money

  • Learn more about Binary Options before entering in to Binary Options Trading
  • Try out demo trades with small amounts with trusted and regulated brokers
  • Most traders have their minimum deposit as $250; try to make some short term trades with available money of the first deposit.
  • Compare brokers performances, payouts, withdrawals and bonus policies
  • Go through review sites and check if the brokers are regulated with financial bodies
  • Accept calls from the broker and from the review companies and take unbiased opinions from them.
  • Make sure that you talk to the same person every time from the broking company.
  • Try to get as much information as you can from the broker and from the experts as well.
  • Decision is yours don’t allow any third party company to make decisions on your behalf.
  • Know your investment capacity as Binary Options Trading is highly volatile.
  • Trade only with the money you can afford to spare, so that you don’t feel the pinch when you lose a trade.
  • Winning and losing is part of trading don’t get disheartened if you lose a trade, sit back relax make a thorough study again and place trades.
  • Don’t just believe anyone and everyone who calls you or emails you.
  • If you receive a call or an email from a Broker or a Broker Affiliate make sure you make your study on the broker firm and check the reviews before you take a call on investing.
  • Make sure affiliates are referring you to the broker you want to invest with. If they make suggestions for new brokers request for the URL to the broker and check reviews before you invest.
  • Book Keeping or note making is a very good habit when you are trading with more than one broker.
  • Keep their phone numbers, skype id’s, email ids and the names of the person safe, so that you can get back if you need any assistance.
  • If you get a call from someone asking you to invest with Binary Options, request for the company’s website from where they are calling, ask for their phone number and then check the broker’s site that they recommend.
  • Check the quality of the website when they give you a website.
  • As a trader understand the meaning and difference between these terms, “Profits, Loss, Deposit, Withdrawal, Refunds, Refunds on Losses, Chargeback.
  • Trading is your right, your decision and your money, so winning or losing stays with you the broker cannot refund 100% of the money if you lose it by placing losing trades.
  • There are brokers who refund a portion of the money you invest when you make a wrong prediction based on the account type you take up.
  • Every Business needs regular investment only then it will reap profits, likewise binary option trading cannot get you a $10,000 profit on an investment of $10 or $250 alone.
  • By the above statement what we mean is when a trade is won, the trader can reinvest the money to trade again and improve his capital but if the trader loses he has to invest more money to catch up with his loss.
  • Be aware of scams in the Binary Options Market.

Binary Trading Global reviews on Traders being scammed

We have spent a little over 3 years in the Binary Options Trading market. We wear different hats, we have carried out trades ourselves, we educate traders how to trade, and we assist traders with the best and suitable regulated brokers.

Out of our personal experience in the last three years, we came up with a telephonic survey for traders recently; our findings were bizarre – believe us many traders lost their money due to lack of trading knowledge in binary option trading and many traders were persuaded by an anonymous person whose name most of the traders don’t recall and condemn the broker as a fraud. It is not acceptable to term a broker fraud when you lose money, because of lack of knowledge or taking advice from an anonymous or unknown person. In binary options you need to personally put some effort to learn some trading strategies, study the market, learn how to read signals and place the right trades at the right time. Success comes along with experience, knowledge, patience and investment. Those who don’t have the patience and time should never be in this type of trading.

Don’t get carried away. This is human tendency; the need for more is always there. We know of traders who have won five $25 trades and made 44% returns on those short term trades. Excitement of winning has forced them to invest a $100 trade the 6th time and ended up losing the trade. Is this the fault of the broker? Definitely not! The trader should’ve ideally waited observed the graph without excitement, hurry and then invested $100 in the right direction to make a winning trade. Just because the trader won 5 trades on CALL option doesn’t guarantee the 6th trade would also be a CALL option. Be calm give yourself some time and trade intelligently.

Another scam that we came across recently is the Trading Insurance. We were baffled when some of the traders told us that they have paid some fake organizations $250 for trading insurance. When we investigated a little deep in to the story we understood that few people make a cold call to the traders or email traders that if they deposit with 4 brokers their trades would be insured which is not true at all. But many traders have invested over $1000 with multiple brokers and have lost all their money.

Another company has scammed people that they can teach the traders how to trade and have taken money upfront for the Binary options tutorial videos and e-books. There are so many types of scams out in the market and people are coming up with different issues all the time.

If you are a trader and you have been scammed by fraudsters and tricksters kindly send us your inputs and reviews this will be very helpful for others who can be made aware of such scams.