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BinaryOptions360 Review

Update (January 2017)

Binary Trading Global has received information from BinaryOptions360 that they have decided to close operations and they are no longer in business.

For those who have invested in BinaryOptions360 can still contact them to get their winning trade money. If you need any advice on this you can drop us a line or just fill our enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

Binary Trading Global strongly recommends the best binary broker brands so you can choose from the brokers below

You can also try Binary Robots if you are looking for automated trading. is the second brand of the well-known GO Marketing Solutions LTD. Based in the heart of the United Kingdom’s capital London, the owners wanted to create a premium brand that would cater to the premium broker. This is a market niche that was needed and fast fulfilled by a brand that has accomplished more in a year and a half of its existence than most of its competitors in their lifetime.

This broker caters to all financial markets in the EU and also provides services to the Chinese traders with an exception of traders from the United States. They provide all their traders with an excellent intuitive platform as well as superior around the clock service of account managers and brokers guiding you along your trading career.

In light of all the assistance and market awareness, there are other benefits when trading with

The platform is 100% Web-based, no lengthy downloading necessary just click and trade

Simplest form of trading – it is tremendously easy to understand,and the explanations are crystal clear

Among the most popular assets the premium brand does extend to more diverse trading products

ser-friendly and enjoyable trading experience

Risk and profit ratios are clearly stated at the onset of every trade

Depositing and withdrawing funds is simple, fast and hassle free

Special perks are available to holders of the VIP Platinum account such as a 10% return on any capital loss in that trading month

Ease of Access

Accessing the broker’s site, platform, banking, and customer support are all done with ease to ensure that the consumer is always in a position to focus his / her energies on trading. Opening and funding a new trading account will take a minute and trading can commence instantly from either a computer or laptop.

Depositing and withdrawing of funds is just as fast and effortless and can be done by a swift click of the mouse via your platform. Trading safe and securely and ensuring there is no third party access is of primal importance. The broker has installed the SSL encrypted code on the platform so you can have peace of mind while trading knowing your funds and personal information are safe.


Even though the broker has only been around for just under two years,they have managed to attain in reputation and consumer perception what some brokers still are striving for. The niche market have grasped with both hands and have managed to preserve a sense of reliability that the broker extends to all its investors.

With a firm foundation on which to build a steadfast reputation the broker endeavors to offer an excellent trading experience and satisfies the need of their traders.

Raising the bar among their competitors have already been accredited with the Top Premium Broker award in 2014. An example that the broker is capable of delivering on their promises.

Customer Support

The broker prides themselves on their team of knowledgeable individuals that make up the customer support team. The team is comprised of traders, IT and service managers that can answer every trading question, and there is never a technical problem that cannot be solved.

They are available 24 hours a day five days a week. Service is available in mother tongue English and Russian. The consultants are conveniently reachable via telephone, email, live chat via the website and Skype.

All the account types on offer at BO360 have a dedicated account manager as additional assistance and support.

Payouts Percentage

Payouts are generous and can reach up to 90%, which is not common among brokers. However, the premium brand does need to live up to its name and provide such remunerations.

Platform Performance

The platform is provided by none other than SpotOption version 2.0. The popularand intuitive interface needs little introduction among even the most novice of traders. The platform provides traders with every asset that is tradable in Currency, Commodity, Stocks and Index trading currently available.

The platform and broker guarantee immediate execution of trades, and have partnered with live feeds provider Reuters to give traders the best market prices in the fastest possible time. Trading graphs are providedat any given moment which improves trader confidence and decision making when opening new trades.

The trading derivatives that are available to all traders and holders of any account are explained in short as follows:

Binary options

The most commonly used derivative when trading in binary options. This tool is used by both new and expert traders. The simplicity of predicting whether an asset will increase or decrease within a particular time by selecting either CALL (buy) or the PUT (sell) option.

Pairs Trading

Pairs trading differs from binary options in that instead of predicting the assets up or down future traders will take two of the top assets with similar attributes such as Google and Amazon and pair them up. Then profits are made when the one asset outperforms the other within the set expiry time.

Long Term

The option for traders that have patience and time on their side. Long term trades can be opened from one hour up to one year. Investors seek long term tradesalowing the market to turn and ride out a current market movement.

Sixty Seconds

For the thrill-seeking trader. understand that there are traders that wish to enter and exit trades fast with a quick profit turnaround. This canbe achievedwithinas little as one minute up to 300 seconds.

One touch

The direction of the price movement must be predicted, and once the asset price has reached the ‘touch’ as per broker specification, the trader enjoys an instant profit.


As the name implies there are steps in this option that need to be reachedin order to profit three times in one single trade. Each stage that is met locks in a certain profit percentage.

Forex / CFD

The best of both worlds. Having the ability of trading forex on a binary options trading platform. This broker was one of the first to introduce the Forex and CFD options, most traders enjoy the challenge of trading forex in the relaxed environment.

Bonus and Demo accounts

Demo accounts are available to all account holders to practice trading strategies or become familiar with the platform if you are a first-time trader. The demo account holder will be able to access the customer support department for any assistance that is needed during this practice stage so that confidence can be built and service can be tried. Once you are ready to graduate to the live trading account, the transition is instantaneous, and real profits can thenbe enjoyed.

The broker offers a generous bonus to all traders of up to 100%. The bonus like the demo account can be used to practice trading without the risk of using your capital. The bonus also increases the account capital allowing for long term trades to stay open for longer so that a profit can be yielded.

Review from Binary Trading Experts

We recommend BinaryOptions360 to our traders because of their exclusive trading platform; prompt customer service in English, German and French 24/7. They offer exclusive training for new traders and experienced traders can enjoy tips & signals from the experts.

Want to start of trading with BinaryOptions360