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GOptions Review

Update (January 2017)

Binary Trading Global has received information from GOptions that they have decided to close operations and they are no longer in business.

For those who have invested in GOptions can still contact them to get their winning trade money. If you need any advice on this you can drop us a line or just fill our enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

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Providing a number of trading solutions GO Marketing Solutions Ltd are unprecedented in the field of online trading. GOptions is no exception, being the first of 5 successful brands the broker has to offer to the investor circles. They launched the binary brokerage in 2009, making them one of the first of their kind and molded today’s binary options industry. Based in London, the broker starts by demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction by accepting all traders globally including the USA, where their competitors refuse.

Providing the highest level of service to all their traders is of the uppermost priority for the broker, their management team is made up of trading and service professionals, either trading for themselves, service managing or having experience in professional dealing rooms within lies the foundation for growing an excellent product and service offering.

With Binary Options being a fixed return investment GOptions has many advantages in which traders of all skill levels can fast realize their ROI:

Ease of Access

Access from the instant you enter the website till the moment you request a withdrawal has been precisely manipulated to ensure the customer is left with a feeling of effortlessness while trading and otherwise. Registering for an account will only take a few seconds. With the platform being 100% web based there is no time-consuming downloading and installing the software needed so trading is instant and can be donefrom your desktop, laptop or mobile smartphone just as easily. When funding your trading account or even requesting a withdrawal this is done in a fast, and uncomplicated manner even boasting the same day withdrawal guaranteed.


As the broker has been around since the inception of binary options, there is a sense that the broker is reputable and knows what they are doing and where they are going. They have a wonderful trader retention program in place that allows for a safe and secure trading environment, that has access to the trading staff on a minute to minute basis.

With the consumer being the priority always, within is the birth of broker stability and dependability. They realize that without the trader they would cease to exist, so every effort is invested in ensuring that the customer is satisfied, and needs are recognized.

GOptions has also won a number of awards in honor of their broker status among the awards are the Best Broker Award and Fastest Withdrawals Awards.

Customer Support

Needless to say the broker prides themselves on their well versed customer support team. The team is a collaboration of ex-forex traders that welcome you in mother tongue English, Russian, Arabic, German, and Greek.

They are available 24 hours a day 6 days a week and can be reached by telephone, fax, mail, skype, via the site or live chat and have access to many social media facilities such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Payouts Percentage

Being a well-established broker and allowing traders the privilege of high payouts and ROI, it is no surprise that they have possibly the highest payout offering in the business. GOptions pays out all their traders fast and on the timeof up to 90% on any trade and asset traded.

Platform Performance

Providing all traders with an easy and intuitive way of making fast decisions and trading on the financial markets, GOptions provides traders with the SpotOption platform. The platform has been customized to facilitate a variety of trading facilities while creating a base for the platform in being as intuitive as possible.

The platform is easy to navigate and features a selection of all the most traded currencies, stocks, commodities and indices known globally. The platform has partnered with Reuters; so live data is streamed through to the platform for traders to get the most accurate market prices. Immediate execution of all trades is another addition.

Among some of the platforms enhanced features:

The option to ‘Cancel Trade’, should your trade not be profiting one can decide to cut their losses and exit the trade before the expiry time runs out.

The broker also offers automated trading signals provided by SignalIndex.

The Buy Me Out options allows you to take your profits and close a trade early.

Rollover your trade to buy more time till the markets turn in your favor.

Double up allows traders to open a second trade in a short amount of time to double up on their profits.

Traders choice is access to what other traders are trading on and their profit performance all to enhance your trading abilities.

Bonus and Demo accounts

A free demo account is offered to all traders. A live account is neededin order to facilitate a demo account, and a small deposit of $200.00 can be used to fund the account. The demo account is often employed by the season professional to test their trading strategies and learn new platform features.

While the benefit of the demo account for the neophyte trader is to become familiar with the SpotOption platform, its features as well as the markets.

Should you decide at any time that trading on the markets is not for you, the demo and live account will be closed immediately, and your deposit returned to you hassle free.

The bonus that is offered to traders is Bonus’s vary from 25% to a generous 100% and vary according to the initial deposit amount and the account that has been opened. The broker does not stop there, for traders that replenish their existing account a re-deposit percentage is rewarded.

The bonus is not only to increase the account size but will assist you in testing your trades as well as allowing you to open more trades and profit substantially with the aid of the additional capital.