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Double Up

Double Up is a binary option trading strategy or feature offered in many binary options trading platforms. Double up is a simple trading tool that allows the trader to replicate a trade in few clicks. The entire trading methodology will remain the same however the difference will be the entry price will be the current price and not the price of the trade being replicated. The trade can be replicated even if the feature is not available.

When a particular trade is deep in the money a trader can make his choice of choosing the Double Up option to double his profits with an aim to replicate the trade deep in the money with a hope that the positions will yield double profits. As previously mentioned in many reviews and training tools the key to success is having a clear understanding of binary options trades by knowing when to use this feature as a highly volatile market if this feature not used in perfection can end up both the trades in out of the money. The reason should be concrete to take this feature to end up both trades in "In The Money".

Traders usually initiate the Double Up strategy after having made a deep observation on their first trade position, when the trader is convinced that he is deep in the money and now it’s his turn to double his profits that’s when he places the double up option. Consider the asset moving price before taking this decision and deep observation will help eliminate excitement and emotions in the decision making process. If the decision is done perfectly the trader ends up “In The Money” conveniently.