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How to Trade Binary Options

Another question that hovers around the mind of new traders is this’ “How do I trade?”
Simplicity is the key to the success of Binary Options Trading. It’s not rocket science, no complications, no big research needed. Get ready to trade with Binary Options Trading by understanding the three simple steps, first

Step – 1: Make a Choice

The choice you make begins with two important things. Make a correct choice of the Broker you want to trade with. Secondly make the right choice of Assets you want to trade with.

Step – 2: Make a Prediction

Make a complete study of the market, the movement of the assets in the last half hour or so and make your prediction if the asset is going to go UP or DOWN.

Step – 3: Make your Money Now or Later

The choice you made depending on the asset chosen and the direction it moves fetches you the desired profits but you decide if you want to make it happen now or later. There are trades that allow you to make money in a span of few minutes and there are trades that can go on from days, weeks and months.

The above explanation is put in simple lay man’s terms so that it’s easy to understand. Now take a look at how this works on the Binary Trading Platform.

How to Trade on Binary Trading Platform

1. Open an account

Once you have chosen the right broker after getting a thorough understanding about the offers and reviews, your next move is to open an Account on the Brokers page.
Binary Trading Global has made this process simple and easy by providing you with the links of the best broker’s sites in the market. Click on the View Website icon and get to the Broker of your Choice.
Enter all your details accurately to avoid any future discrepancies and fraudulent taking place.
You will receive a welcome email from the Broker confirming your registration.

2. Deposit Funds

For you to get started with trading make your deposit in to your account. The deposit can be done in various ways, using your Credit Card, Debit Card and Wire Transfers. You have the options of depositing in USD, GBP and EUROS.

3. Start Trading

Binary Options Trading – This is what you were waiting for all this time. You are on the field and it’s time to trade, time to perform and time to make money.

Get started by keeping the three steps in mind.
Step – 1 Make a Chocie
Step – 2 Make a Prediction
Step – 3 Make your Money

  • Choose the asset you want to trade from the asset drop down box
  • Choose the time of expiry according to your market expectations
  • Choose to have a glance at the signals provided by the Trader’s Choice
  • Choose to have a careful look at the graph that will help you in the decision making process
  • Choose the direction that an asset will expire

4. View the trade performance

You can then take some time to view the performance of your trades in the Open positions page. You can also view the performance on the graph. If you choose to a long term trade then you can view the performance at your leisure before the trade expires.

Once the trade expires you can get the history of all your trades in the Expired positions page. This will help you understand how many trades you have placed, how many trades has been won and how many has been lost. You can easily calculate the money deposited and the money earned or lost.

You are all set to trade with this information you can start trading. Still confused would like to chat with a live person click on Live Chat for further assistance.

You are all convinced and ready to go, then choose the broker follow the reviews and take you decision, have any apprehensions don’t hesitate to Contact us.