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The Indian Trading League team has been dominating every trader in the country to do great in the trading industry in the recent past. They have a philosophy to motivate Indian traders to invest and trade methodically and not to take risk all the time. With this in mind, it’s your money and it should be used wisely if you need it to grow.

So when we talk about binary options trading in India it doesn`t disappoint us honestly. Like all most, all other countries which participate in of binary options trading even in India is experiencing a huge growth this decade. Since the financial crisis in 2007-2008 binary trading has been used as a way to make an income in a manner that is straight forward and mostly profitable.

Like most of you know the trading markets is a brain game and to win this game, everyone will need to work hard with always a plan in mind. You will always need to think before you take a step to move forward,

There is some confusion as to whether this type of trading is actually legal or not. So In many countries binary options trading is still not a regulated industry, and There is are a difference however between illegal and unregulated and most brokers will accept traders from pretty much everywhere as well as there are no solicitation rules that prevent them doing so.

It is always good to take the time to investigate the regulations and rules around trading in your country and to do your research when it comes to investing your money with a Binary options trading broker. And that why we are here, we research and recommend and review the broker for you so that you can rest assured that the broker you choose is going to provide all the help you need and the best service on your trading account.

Now every country has their own tax laws and regulations as you know and India is no deferent. If you make money from binary options trading that money would be subject to the tax rules of the country. We know that the government does crack down on money being hidden in off shore accounts and they are very hot on those people declaring their earnings. It is up to the individual to declare their earnings ensuring and that they pay any taxes owed on time. So why hide your money make big money pay small tax only by trading binary options

So we this is the broker that we recommend for INDIA

Quantum is an individual trading broker and business firm focused on managing individuals’ traders. It is redefined with a goal to build a financial planning firm offering sound, independent financial advice & highest level of service. The binary options firm, who have faced much competition from each other. That’s why you will find that most brokers have an easy to use, smart phone offering that is either a version of their website or an app that is available to download from either Play Store or App Store. With everyone leading such busy lives it is important to be able to trade on the go

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It is sounding very promising to binary options traders in these days as government regulatory bodies are taking strict measures in curbing binary options scams in their respective country. Every country now has come up with a financial conduct watchdog so that scammers can be nabbed easily and consumers are protected from being ripped off. Yet many countries are arguing about the fact if Binary Options Trading truly a gambling product or a financial product however till date all most all countries vouch that Binary Options is a financial product but it has many loopholes for businesses to operate scams quite easily and frequently. Regular adverts are being rolled out by government agencies so that traders are aware of few company names which are termed as fraudulent. 

In November 2016 there was a warning rolled out to the public in the UK about a firm that was operating without a license in the Binary Options Industry in the UK. Recently there was a second circular sent out by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) which UK’s financial regulatory body that CTOptions is a binary options broker operating without meeting regulatory norms to operate in the UK, all though CTOptions is a regulated broker outside the UK it still cannot deny the fact of being a non-regulated broker in the UK. The watchdog also said in a statement to the public to be careful of their investments in the binary options and the particular broker in question operates from London. The FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) and the FCA make clear a statement to the general public in the UK that it is the risk of the investor if they would like to invest in non-regulated binary options brokers. Scam Binary Options Brokers can approach investors to convince them easily however the UK Ombudsman services clearly stated it’s up to the individual to cross check if the binary options firm is regulated.

Likewise, the BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission) has sent out a list of Scam Binary Options Brokers that operate in Canada and the investor`s caution list is on their website. All the Binary Options Brokers who come under the Scam Binary options Brokers list are considered non-registered or non-regulated in Canada and investors are to be very cautious about their investments and government bodies will not take responsibility for any fraudulent activities. In October last year, the BCSC slapped a warning to Crown Managers and Prime Brokerz who are the two non-regulated binary options brokers operating in Canada.

Binary trading Global’s Inputs

Trading Binary Options is not a crime and it has not been approved as a gambling product till date, however, it’s a highly lucrative financial instrument which traders love because of the huge profits involved. Likewise, scam binary options brokers also know that they can easily disguise themselves as the best and rip people off their money. Honestly, one should cross check if the broker is regulated or not and then invest their money. If there are filled with doubts in your head then just fill up an inquiry form to binary trading global and our consultants will be happy to help.

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The most lucrative financial investment which has served in the trading industry for almost 15 years without any regulatory refurbishment is now undergoing rigorous changes in many countries due to the alarming rise in scams that grew faster than the business. In simple terms binary options is a financial instrument which results in 2 outcomes either in the money (Profits) or out of the money (Loss). To achieve this probability many open minded binary options traders came forward to patronize this online trading vehicle to make quick profits. For many traders this has been a great vehicle to make money online.

With such a lucrative money making tool there was also seen an alarming rise in the scam part of the business. There were many underground black listed companies that used the free binary options business as a playground to scam innocent and greedy traders. This is a contrast isn’t it? Scammers begin to play on the minds of people showing no mercy to people and their situation. Lack of knowledge and the greed to make money and quick profits in a short span brought more and more scammers in to this world that made hefty profits and walked out of business with swollen bank accounts. Their target was just people who lacked knowledge and people who believed that they could become a millionaire in a short span.

With the year 2015 spreading the blanket to scammers the year 2016 has become the worst year with people losing close to $250,000 on online trading. As a review firm we keep asking our traders a simple question how long would you accept failure? Are you so dumb that you could allow someone take away your entire savings? We tried to conduct a survey and in the survey we identified that there were many people who were ransacked huge amounts. How could this happen? While this commotion was buzzing around down came the curtains in the United States where the government regulatory bodies started slapping fines on unscrupulous brokerage firms, and asking Binary options firms to shut down if they had never procured license to provide such services.

Due to the negligence of the major licensing giant CySEC which allowed too many loopholes in their regulations many scam brokers sprouted in the market some of them just lasted for 6 months but made a whack of people who invested in them.

Now the European Security Markets Authority – ESMA, USA Regulatory bodies, Australian Regulatory bodies, Canada and Newzealand regulatory bodies and also the Asian regulatory bodies are placing more pressure on the Binary Options Business and also on CySEC to ensure proper channel of online trading. Many Binary Options Companies shut down operations simply because they can’t cope with the regulations and cannot make easy money like before.

Some of the Binary Options Giants that recently closed down are LBinary, BigOptions, CherryTrade and the major one among all of them is Banc De Binary. The reasons cited by the binary broker firms may be an eye-wash is what people believe today.

Will the Binary Options industry Survive? Or

Will 2017 be a new beginning for Binary Options Industry is the million dollar question?

Look at some of the Binary Options Brokers that are going strong because of ethical business following.

IQ Options






Are some of the few brokers who are surviving in the market and making their customers feel the legitimacy of the business.

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BinaryCent offers affordable binary options trading to binary traders with a minimum deposit as low as $10 and lowest trading size at 1 Cent. BinaryCent is a new broker in the industry and has already captured the market because of its affordability, top class trading platform and the contest that could drive traders towards making $2000 per week in cash. What traders like about BinaryCent is availability of convenient withdrawal methods without any commission to pay. Traders are offered with an experienced trader guidance at just $300 minimum deposits whereas when compared to other leading Binary Options Brokers in the industry who offer a similar service for a minimum deposit above $1000 or even $2500. Everyone can get the best in an affordable price and this is the aim of BinaryCent.

Non-Stop trading even during the weekends allows traders to participate in the BinaryCent Trading Contest and making money irrespective of the trade outcomes is unique to this Binary Options Broker. They have a perfect and professional 24/7 customer support team who are multi-lingual and also promise to provide 100% secured trading. BinaryCent provides 9 Video tutorials absolutely free on their site and a new trader can easily go through the videos to learn how to trade.

BinaryCent Videos explains types of Options, What to avoid and what to use during trading, it also explains how to calculate winning ratios in order to avoid trading losses. These videos covers best time to trade binary options, few trading strategies, trading models and modules, develops a general day-trading strategy and also helps traders to identify if they should use the Martingale strategy.

With BinaryCent a trader can open a Bronze account by making a minimum deposit of $10 with basic features like live chat, 20% bonuses and withdrawals provided in an hour. The trader can open a Silver account with $100 as a minimum deposit with features that covers live chat, withdrawals in an hour, bonus up to a 50%, Master class web sessions and first three risk free trades that will keep traders out of risk. The trader can open a Gold account with a minimum deposit of $300 which covers a live chat, withdrawals in an hour, Bonus up to a 100%, Master class web sessions, first three risk free trades, Swiss prepaid card and a personal success manager to mentor the trader towards successful trades.

This is why BinaryCent is sounding as a promising broker and it is very transparent that a trader can make money through this broker brand.

Go ahead and open your BinaryCent account today.

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Binary Options Trading in Japan

There’s a paradigm shift in the Binary Options industry over the last few years. Countries that used to be a favorite playground for the Binary Options Brokers are no longer the ones they are concentrating on and that is not because they have lost their market but because of strict Regulations and rules placed by Regulators of respective countries. Asia is a huge market and land of opportunities for the Binary Options Brokers because of the newness of the industry. Some big players are Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia and Philippines. Recently we had news that would be greatly useful to Asian Binary Option Traders and to the Japanese Binary Options Traders.

Binary Options being the fastest growing financial markets globally has spread its tentacles over to many countries and as a continent they have not forgotten Asia. Binary Trading is easily adaptable by people because of its simplicity and the profits that can be earned in a short span if approached with complete knowledge and experience. The Financial transactions was once never monitored by any agencies or watch dogs in the past until it started turning out to be a scam game used by many non-regulated binary brokers. 

Binary Options in Japan

Recently Binary options brokers have found Japanese traders showing interest in Binary Options Trading, having seen this improvement many regulated binary brokers have already started wooing traders from Japan with their fantastic irresistible offers. Unlike every other country that embraced Binary Options in to their country recently even Japan has accepted Binary Options Trading system in their country; however they have made sure that the broker brands get licensed by the financial regulatory bodies in Japan like FFAJ – Financial Futures Association of Japan who are in charge of the Japanese FOREX Brokers industry and also the Binary Options Brokers who operate in Japan with offices outside Japan, the JFSA – Japan Financial Services Agency that regulates and monitors exchanges, banks and transactions related to these options firms.

Binary Options Trading rules in Japan

Under the scrutiny of the FFAJ and the JFSA the binary options trade rules in Japan are completely new to any trader who might have traded in the United States or EU countries. In Japan a binary option broker can never offer Hyper trades or the short term trades, the minimum trade duration is more than 2 hours and the binary broker must determine the base time/hour for a trading period and pin the expiry times based on the determined base time/hour for OTC – Over the counter trades.

Rules based Pricing & Bonuses offered by Binary Options Brokers

As far as pricing is concerned FFAJ has ensured there should be complete transparency offered to the traders from OTC and Exchange traded binary options brokers. This expectation is also extended on the bonuses which should not be used to attract deposits and investments that the trader is not interested in to, also the affiliates and marketing companies should refrain from wooing traders with gifts, rewards and bonuses to get them to deposit.

Binary Option Brokers have to Check Suitability of Traders 

According to FFAJ the regulatory body it is mandatory that the Binary Options Broker should check the suitability of the trader under which the criteria are if the trader is interested, if the trader has the capacity to invest and trade and all these things should be done through questionnaire which should not be leading and it should be in the account opening form. In short the trader should not be mislead by any marketing ideas it should crystal clear and the trader should know what he is going to be doing and should know about the volatility of the markets.

Also the payouts should be clearly shown to the traders so that the trader doesn’t have to jump in to speculative conclusions. On every investment made by the trader the payout should be clearly mentioned. 

All this sums up to one simple answer 

                               Binary Options in Japan is Legal

  • Binary Options will be monitored and regulated by FFAJ who has the right to prosecute fraudulent brokers
  • Advertising offers with Bonuses and Offers are not allowed by law
  • Freebies should be only freebies and not attached to any payment modes
  • The expiry times of the trades cannot be less than 2 hours
  • Fixed strike options should be offered as a part of their products
  • Questionnaire should be a part of the Registration form
  • All investments and payouts should be transparent
  • Traders should have or be given the knowledge to trade
  • Traders should be aware of the trade outcomes so that they can calculate their risk

If these things are adhered to by the Binary Options Brokers then Binary Options Trading in Japan is Legal.

Want to trade with the best regulated binary options broker along with a transparent $1000 virtual money account which is not real money but the Demo account can be used to learn Binary Trading without losing any real money then the Asian Trader’s best bet would be IQ Options

Japanese Traders can go through IQ Options Reviews and also email us for further clarifications and advice. Traders can also send their experience and feedback to Binary Trading Global

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US Binary Options Brokers 

Binary Options industry started in the United States and has grown globally but now with a lot of countries emphasizing on regulations most of the non-regulated binary broker brands are finding it difficult to operate. We can call it a good move that governmental watchdogs are taking this seriously that a financial instrument operating in a country should abide by the rules and regulations placed by them and in turn avoid Binary Options Traders being scammed. All this started in the United States where in many Binary Options Companies sprouted and made a whack by scamming anxious binary traders, In our research we identified victims who have lost close to $100,000 and it’s not a joke. It has been a serious issue with complaints piling up at the banks that an individual has been swindled.

As things grew big and ugly governmental organizations, financial regulatory services investigated and collected information against the Binary Options giants and slapped fines and also ordered closures of fraudulent organizations. We at Binary Trading Global make most of research by getting information from traders and the way they have been scammed. We gathered some mind blowing information of people who have been ripped off in the United States. In our feedback survey we came across emails and inputs from binary traders which clearly stated that they are interested to trade binary options if it’s actually legitimate, but with all these complaints the situation in the United States today is very different.

It is seriously funny that these financial agencies have allowed US citizens to trade binary options but Binary Options Brokers cannot operate in the United States. In other words Binary Options is legal in the United States from the consumers end not from the business operations end and how can this be possible? Only if there exists a broker in the US can a trader trade binary options!

Binary Trading Global was trying to identify how are US traders trading Binary Options and then we understood that Binary Options Traders who are citizens of the United States can trade Binary Options with a Broker who is registered or not registered and operates from a country outside the United States. This is clearly evident that the US financial organizations and watchdogs can control businesses in their country but cannot control or stop their consumers within the country.

 US Cracks down on Offshore Binary Options Broker Firms

The United States laws on the other hand are not favorable for to offshore binary options brokers however they still keep getting some kind of business from the US citizens. There are many offshore binary options brokers who are regulated by CySEC and other country specific regulatory bodies and they can still satisfy the US laws; but the US regulatory bodies like CFTC – Commodities Futures Trading Commission and SEC – Securities Exchange Commission are very strict as they are in the process of gathering information and streamlining the process.

If you are looking for the best binary options broker who can accept US traders just read BinaryMate Reviews

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Binary Online Stops HYPER TRADE

Binary Online a reputed Binary Options Broker has announced that they will no longer be offering “HYPER TRADE” on their trading platform. This decision was taken by Binary Online on 26th February and implemented on the 27th of February 2017. Traders who are looking to trade on hyper trades alone will not be able to use Binary Online going forward.

What is “HYPER TRADE”?

Hyper trade otherwise known as the aggressive trades is an options trade similar to that of High/Low trades. To be precise hyper trades are short term trades which come with an expiry time starting from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The most common expiry times found on hyper trades are 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 5 Minutes and 10 minutes. For a common man to understand due to regulations and regulators strict policies on Binary Options most of the regulated brokers are requested to drop the Hyper Options.

Hyper options trades has attracted many traders simply because a trader can test his/her trading skills in just as low as 15 seconds and also make 80% profit in 15 seconds which is definitely are great boost for anyone who is just motivated to make money. In this form of trades there is no time for analysis and using signals is very important however many binary traders have made money using hyper trades as equal to people who have lost as well.

Binary Options Trading definitely requires skills and it cannot just be played as though “Fortune Favors the Brave”. Be fully equipped before you start your Binary Options Trading journey. If you need any advice you can always contact Binary Trading Global at

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OSC urges Canadian Traders to make a choice of Regulated Binary Options Brokers

OSC is a regulatory agency in Ontario which administers and enforces the Securities act and the Commodity futures act. To be precise the role of OSC is to protect investors from unscrupulous and fraudulent financial investment companies that pose a threat to investors by enforcing stringent rules and govern their operations.

To be honest there has never ever been a Binary Options Brand or company that was regulated under any of the financial regulation authorities in Canada but millions of dollars of investment has poured in to the binary options trading business in the past in Canada without the screening and regulations of these authorities. How could have this happened that the OSC (Ontario Securities commission), BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission), CSA (Canadian Securities Administrator) and the MSC (Manitoba Securities Commission) had no clue about any of the Binary Options Brokers in the past who operated in Canada. Now the scenario has changed the OSC has opened its eyes wide open and is cracking down on the Binary Options Brokers operating in Canada to follow stringent rules placed by them. 

One of the biggest nations that have turned out be a profitable hub for investment instruments like Binary Options is Canada as there has never been a Canadian regulated Binary Options Broker that operated in Canada. In a recent report we understand that OSC has warned many Binary Options Brokers to comply with the rules placed by the authorities this can be a bit of relief however it is the complete monitoring of these binary brokers is what is expected. 

OptionRally is a regulated Binary Options Broker and is regulated with the CySEC and Blaize authorities however they have been operating in Canada without any regulation norms that pertain to that country. Now during an advertising campaign carried out by OptionRally in Canada the OSC has spotted the broker and is commanding them to abide by regulations. 

OSC has also listed all blacklisted of companies that are illegally operating in Canada and conducting financial services. OptionRally has no authorization to operate in Canada and advise provincial residents on how to and where to invest their finances. OSC has requested traders to check OSC website for registration details before they could actually invest in any financial instruments.

There are many regulated brokers who are regulated with NADEX in the US, CYSEC and other regulatory bodies and traders are recommended to choose to work with them. If you have any questions or need any advice on the Best Binary Options Brokers contact Binary Trading Global and assistance will be provided.

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Final Rule in the U.S effective on March 27, 2017 – Freeze cash in Bank Accounts

Can a common man defend himself from the Volatile Global Economy?

The world is going to face a major disaster on bad debts. In the event of banking crisis and the FDIC or the U.S. Government is unable to bail them out then confiscation moves on the stockholders and this is cleverly every depositor with the bank. It can be a common man who has an account with the bank involved in the crisis and has a savings of $25,000 to $100,000. 

Now the question here for a common man is why should I support a banking giant who has failed to perform?

How will my savings bail out the bank from crisis?

How will I lose my money if I’m a stockholder?

We have made an extensive research of this complex issue or so called law and just put it down in easy to understand language.
Let’s say a large bank fails in the United States fails then your deposits or savings in this particular bank will be written off or just converted in to equity or stock shares of the banking company. 
This happens only if the US government or the FDIC fails to bail out this large banking company from its crisis. The FDIC takes over the bank, replaces the management, shrinks the bank by writing down its liabilities and converts its debt in to equity or shares. 

Take this scenario as an example:

XYZ bank fails in the US and it is too huge for FDIC to bail it out

In that case…

The FDIC decides to take over the bank and replace the management first, after which the liabilities and debts are converted in the shares, bank stocks and equities. It is evident that the bank is in major crisis and loses its reputation thus your wealth which is your savings in that bank which is converted in to stocks or equities also falls. 

In the above scenario if the bank stocks or equities fall your wealth or savings also fall thus you lose your money which all these years were sought to be safe deposits. 

Consider that you had $100,000 with XYZ bank

After the failure of the bank FDIC takes over

Your $100,000 is converted in to bank stock at a proportion of $100,000 stocks wherein each stock is valued at $1 

After the conversion if the bank stocks or equity falls from $1 to $0.75 your wealth drops from $100,000 to $75,000

And if the stocks or equity drop by 50% which is $0.50, then your wealth drops to $50,000 and likewise

Let’s not rule out the option if the bank climbs up which is a rare scenario it has never happened in the past even in the bank crisis which happened in Spain in 2012 and in Cyprus in 2012.

The ideology behind introducing such laws started in the Cyprus bank crisis in 2012. Now the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Cyprus and Germany have all implemented this law and other countries are also considering such moves.

Financial experts, investment experts are trying to understand why these laws become important. Our findings with discussions held with private financial advisory organizations has brought a truth as it sounds may be there are other reasons to it, but what makes sense to us that the governments of huge developing nations want to ensure people do not hold large amounts of cash in accounts in the variants of Savings or Pension holdings and so on rather people should consider investing their money with Government bonds, security bonds, shares & equities that can help huge industrial developments and thus make the country wealthier rather than just making individuals wealthier.

Now the western countries, EU and other African countries are considering stacking up wealth in the form of gold, silver and other precious metals that can remain with them.

We can’t look out for a bail out from these laws as we need to abide by them but we can actually invest wisely in shares, equities and other forms of trading where in money is safe in there and can be withdrawn at the time of need.

You can click on the link below to read the Federal Document

We appreciate and thank for sharing such information which is useful to common citizen.

Make a choice; make a clever move by choosing to trade with the world’s best binary options brokers which are a form of trading like FOREX Trading, Stock Market Trading, Binary Options Trading that helps you grow your money. The performance of your money is now in your hands.

Feel free to send us an email to

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Banc De Binary’s announcement to close down binary options business came as a bolt from the blue.

The year 2017 brought out shocking news to the Binary Options Industry at the very 1st month of the New Year. Binary Trading Global received a SKYPE message to begin with from a company official to update our news that the Binary Options giant has decided to leave business for good. It was a surprise and we couldn’t believe however we wanted to get more info on why!!

Our R&D team has come up with their findings that Banc De Binary decided to close down due to continuous negative impact in the year 2016. Banc De Binary is not an ordinary binary options broker they are CySEC – regulated broker and were just getting good trade volume in the last 2 years.

Banc De Binary was concerned over their tarnished reputation they just got stuck in a rumble and just couldn’t come out of it. They never moved forward to repair or rectify their flaws they just got stuck and there is a famous saying “A rolling stone gather no moss” which means moving around could have cleaned up all the mess they got into; but they just got crushed by earning a bad name amongst traders. They could’ve come out of the situation but the owners of the brand felt it is not worth running a business with poor reputation and decide to close operations.

Apart from tarnished reputation they also had encountered many hitches with the authorities and regulators. The Binary Broker was under scrutiny for a while by investigators, watchdogs and many private agencies and many trader complaints were raised from the United States which brought the broker close to the regulators. Huge fines were slapped on the binary options giant starting with a fine of $11 million to the US authorities for targeting US traders providing false information. The Binary Broker tried to amend its flaws however its efforts didn’t pass muster among authorities and regulators. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) slapped Banc De Binary with a penalty close to $150,000, whereas CySEC slapped a fine close $450,000. Who would continue to do business when they have been constantly monitored by watchdogs, regulators and investigators and to strengthen their plight reputation among traders have also diminished this finally forced Mr. Oren Laurent, the founder of Banc De Binary to bring down the curtains for this giant binary broker. You can get some more information on Banc De Binary Reviews

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IQ Options Robots Shut Down – January 2017

Mid 2016 IQ Options one of the leading regulated Binary Options broker Brand launched their very own IQ Automated Robots to facilitate automated trading for Binary Traders who wanted trading to happen even in their absence and it was just an inclusion of a new binary options trading system. This IQ Robots inclusion was welcomed by many traders all across the globe which provided improved profits for traders and a herculean rise in the trade volumes for the Broker. By the inclusion of automated trading IQ options were able to serve many traders with profits but this system did not overshadow the business objective and customer service objective of IQ Options. The broker brand was always on the look out to provide best services to its customers. 

The birth of the New Year 2017 has brought all traders news that the giant binary broker IQ Options have decided to shut down the IQ Options Robot and this came out exactly with a mention of date – 17th January 2017. This announcement was sent out to all IQ Options Traders who were using the IQ robots and many review firms, watchdogs and promotion websites started to flash this news across, no doubt even Binary Trading Global put up this information on its IQ Options Review page, however the R&D team has come up with more information and updates that will be helpful to traders.

The Reason for Closure and its impact

Binary trading Global received emails and phone calls from traders who wanted to know how to retrieve their balance on the IQ Options Robots account, so we had a discussion with the brand. The IQ Options Robots account will be closed and all the funds will be transferred to the normal IQ Options account of the trader and if the trader wants to choose from the account types available with the broker he/she can feel free to contact their IQ Options account manager.

BTG understood the reason for closure was sheer technical imbalance. At the introduction stages the IQ Options Robots’ performance was appreciated because of superb winning ratios however as the months rolled over there were technical issues and dip in the winning ratios which put IQ options as a brand to question the performance of the robots. IQ Options introduced the robots on demand from many traders however the closure was immediately implemented to protect traders from adverse loss. 

There is no need to worry over the IQ Options Robots closing down because IQ Options has a user friendly trading platform and it’s easy to learn and starting placing successful trades yourself.

If you have faced any issues with IQ Options Robots or you have any important information, feedback and experience with IQ Options and want to bring that to limelight you can email BTG at –

If you don’t have an account with IQ OPTIONS just open one and start profiting from the biggest binary broker brand.

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If you are trading Binary Options and not getting the best ask yourself why this happening to you. First of all try to plan your trades, try different trading strategies, read a lot about how to trade successfully, and discuss with your brokers how to get what you want to achieve. Feel free to talk to the experts at Binary Trading Global who are willing to assist you under no obligation. Reflecting below is a plan implemented by a Binary options Trader from Australia under the consultancy and assistance of a BTG expert Samuel Hickson who has close to 20 years of trading experience in the Stock Markets, Forex, Day Trading and Binary Options. Want to make $5000 to $25000 a week!!!

BinaryMate Trading Contest is not a Joke!!!!

Make hay while the sun shines!!
Just read carefully how a Binary Options Trader made $27650 in a week!!! 

Amazing Victory for a starter

A trader placed 4500 trades in 1 week 
$10 was applied on each trade
The trader spent $45000 as an investment
The trader won 65% trades which is 2925 winning trades
The outcome of 2925 trades was - $23400
$23400 was the profit at the rate of 80% from each trade
In simple English on every $10 trade the trader won $8 as a profit
So 2925 trades x $8 = $23400
The trader’s investment on 2925 trades = 2925 x $10 = $29250
Now the trader has $29250 (his investment) + $24300 (Winning Money) = $52650
His total investment was $45000 and the winning money is $52650
The difference between the Investment and Winning money is his Profit 
$52650 - $45000 = $7650 (Profit in a week)
If you think this amazing the surprise doesn`t stop there, the trader has placed all these trades with Binary Mate who runs a contest for the highest trade volume and the trader won $20000 cash award from BinaryMate for placing 4500 trades in a week. 
The total money earned by the trader in a week was $20000 (Contest Money) + $7650 (Profit) = $27650
$27650 isn’t that amazing!!! No strings attached a straight forward win and an amazing strategy
Above all the trader took the advice of Binary Trading Global`s trading consultant Samuel Hickson at no obligation and has made his money. Just email us for more ideas to make money through binary options at

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Binary Trading Global proudly announces its 8th year completion in the Binary Options Industry. BTG started working with Binary Options in the United States with 2 Brokers and 60 traders in the 1st year and now it has grown to getting reviews from 4000 traders bi-monthly. BTG reviews have always been based on Binary Brokers Performances and Binary Traders satisfaction.

Binary Trading Global came in to existence in the year 2009 with 2 consultants on board trying to make a complete research on Binary Options at that time. We understood the importance of providing reviews on Binary Brokers to Binary Traders regularly. In the year 2009 we used the old methodology of sending reviews to traders on request through emails. We also used to call traders who requested for free consultation on Binary Options Trading.

 It was then that we came up with a plan to start a website and update it with information but due to lack of experience and knowledge we waited to come up with all this information. Today we have all the experience, all the information and the best of support from Binary Brokers and Traders all across the globe. We are happy and thankful to all those who have supported us and to all the traders who kept flocking our inboxes with reviews and feedback.

 We still continue to work with Binary Options Brokers and Binary Traders from the leading countries like United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Europe and the Gulf countries as well. Now we also understood that Binary Options has opened up in Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia being a country for trade volumes. We promise to continue what we are doing and also update and upgrade information regularly on our website.

 BTG has also launched its Research and Development team in February 2017. The core responsibility of the R&D team is to get information on Binary Options Brokers, Traders, Regulators, Winners and Losers and find new avenues to improve trading styles and strategies. The R&D team works to bring out all possible information that will be useful to traders.

BTG also accepts suggestions from Binary Traders and Brokers as to what they feel might improve our services. All suggestions can be sent to

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