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One Touch Options

Most Lucrative and highly rewarding type of trade in the Binary Options Trade is the One Touch Options. Prepare yourself to make a big fat payout on your investments. Payouts differ according to brokers. One Touch Options Payouts ranges anywhere from 350% to 500%, imagine the money that can be made on your correct predictions.

One Touch Options is a trading product in the Binary Options trading that can be traded even when the market is closed. This type of trade option is determined on whether the asset chosen will reach the predetermined goal rate at any point of time until the time of expiry.

Usually the trading hours for One Touch Options is different from other option trades that they can only be purchased at these times:

1.0 – 14.00 GMT (Monday to Friday)

21.00 GMT – 19.00 GMT (Friday – Sunday, Starting from Friday Evening to Sunday Evening)

Apart from the specifications in the timings, One Touch Options is actually a challenging type of trade as the desired goal rate needs to be reached before the expiry date. Even though this is a challenging trade many traders opt for this One Touch Options because of the high payouts from 300% to 500% and some brokers even offer a payout from 350% to 550%.

The best thing about One touch Options is that the trader will receive the payout as soon as the predetermined price level is reached even if the price level is reached before the expiry time. Most traders anticipate standing a chance to win trades even before the expiry and many traders have found themselves "IN THE MONEY”.