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Automated Binary Review - 2017

Binary Trading Global has been researching various systems for trading in binary options so that we can advise traders the best option in the industry. In doing so, we have discovered a vast array of con artists and swindlers who are just creating systems that are designed to separate you from your hard earned money.

But, we have discovered some reputable systems where you can profit from trading in binary options.

In case you are not familiar with binary option trading, it is simply trading in stocks, commodities, currencies and market indexes; but instead of holding on to that trade for a long period of time, binary options trading consists of predicting if an asset will rise or fall in a short period of time (30 seconds, 60 seconds, 5 minutes, etc…).

While many people have discovered they can make good profits trading in binary options, many of those same people say that the time consumption making trades often takes them away from other responsibilities. So they are on the look-out for an automated trading system that will make their trades for them while they are taking care of other business activities.

So a newer system was brought to our attention to review. It is called Automated Binary, and we will provide you with an unbiased review of this binary options automatic trading system.

Find below the testimonial of a Binary options trader who used the Automated Binary to make profits,

“Please forgive, I only know English as a 2nd language. I tried Automated Binary about 6 months back because I love binary options but my wife said I spent too much time doing it. I deposited 500 units and when I checked a few hours later, my account said I had 932 units. I love it. I have withdrawn 2,000 units and I now have 2,040 units in my account. It is great.” Kamil Novotny

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How Automated Binary Works

It took several years and a lot of testing for engineers and developers to design Automated Binary.

Other automatic binary options trading systems promise you riches but the fact is, you have no control over how the system performs trades. With Automated Binary, you have complete control because you control all the settings the system will use to determine trades that would be closest to your trading style.

You control:

The amount of each trade starting at $5

The expiry times from 60 seconds up to 5 minutes with various increments in between

The trading system that Automated Binary will use: Classic where all trades stay the same amount, Martingale which carries more risk but has higher profits and Fibonacci which uses an ancient mathematical system that is highly accurate

The number of simultaneous trades Automated Binary can make on your behalf

What currency pairs the system will trade in

And you choose which algorithms the system will use to determine trades. You will choose 1 or more of: Stoch, MACD, Trend, Williams, CCI or RSI

Automated Binary will only trade if everything falls in line with the settings you choose. What`s more, if for some reason your internet connection would shut down, trades will cease until you sign in and set the system back to auto trade.


Also, Automated Binary is associated with reputable binary option brokers, many of whom are licensed and regulated.

They are:

24 Options


Binary Tilt

Empire Option



Stern Options

So as you can see, using this system provides the control you need.

Review from Another Trader

“As an expat from the United States who resides in London, I had never even heard about binary options trading until moving here. I had always just invested in bonds and I would wait until they matured. But when a friend introduced me to binary options trading, I was hooked. I loved trading, but the time to do so was difficult to find. I saw an ad for Automated Binary and decided to give it a try. I never profited like this trading in bonds.” Jim Billings London but originally Atlanta, Georgia

How to sign up for Automated Binary

Creating and account with Automated Binary is easy. You click create an account and fill in the required information You will then choose your preferred binary options broker, and you will be directed to their sign up page to provide the needed information. Once that is all complete, you simply deposit funds.


Once you have your settings where you desire, you can simply turn Automated Binary to automatic trading. As long as your internet is on and Automated Binary is open and set to auto, the system will begin making trades for you.

While you are working on other tasks or playing with your children, Automated Binary will be hard at work making trades for you.

We tested the Automated Binary demo account and found it was making profitable trades at an average win rate of 88%.

We definitely recommend this automatic trading system based on the feedback from existing binary traders.

Skip the rest because Automated Binary is the best.

"This is an accurate and great binary options trading robot. I will keep using Automated Binary and I will also tell my family too." Lin Chou Hong Kong


Automated Binary Pros

The Automated Binary trading system has many advantages with no disadvantages we can find.

It is free

Demo account to get acclimated

Reputable brokers

Stops trading if not web connection

Investor controls the settings

The advantages are huge, so I suggest you give Automated Binary a go and see the profits roll in.

Binary Trading Global’s Opinion

binaryOur expert team has spent quite a lot of time on research on Automated Binary and we have come across a clear professional auto trading robot that could be of great help to binary traders. As we keep announcing all the time 70% of our reviews are carried out based on trader’s reviews and their satisfaction, the rest is done by our experts by contacting brokers and their competitors to identify flaws. Automated Binary is definitely a boon and will help a trader to find success in short time.