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Option Robot Review - 2017

Option Robot is a recently developed system that allows binary options traders the advantage of running their trades on “automatic pilot”. While there are a lot of automatic binary options trading systems roaming the internet, we tell you that a large percentage of them are scams so beware of binary robot scam and this when binary option robot review experts like us play a vital role. Also one has to understand that some of the systems that are reputable, have low win rate percentages.

But, in our review and testing of Option Robot, we have found the automatic binary trading system that is reliable, honest and has win rates that far exceed even a common trader’s win rates on my best trading days.

Why Option Robot?

It is easy to be skeptical of systems like this because of so many scam artists who have used binary options as a stepping stone to perform their cons. We will explain furthermore on this review but to begin with read through the reasons to use Option Robot.

Consider these primary reasons you should consider using Option Robot:

Option Robot works with many top rated and reputable binary option brokers

Option Robot offers traders a demo account to get adapted and learn their system

Option Robot will cease trading if your internet shuts down

You control the settings that determines how Option Robot makes trades with your account

Your funds are completely handled by your preferred binary options broker. Option Robot has no control over your financial account.

Option Robot is free

Option Robot utilizes 6 various trading indicators

Option Robot is available in many different languages

Hundreds of thousands of Binary Traders have benefited from using Option Robot you could also see what they’ve got to say. Binary Trading Global has collected Testimonials from people all across the globe that has benefited using the Option Robot.

How Option Robot Works

Several experienced binary options traders along with a software developer met and brainstormed an idea to create automatic trading software that would make trades similar to what the account holder would make. Through testing and trials, Option Robot became a reality.

When a trader creates an account at Option Robot, they will then choose from the extensive list of compatible brokers. Those include:

Markets Trading




Binary Tilt

Dinero Libre

U Binary

24 Option


Empire Option

The trader will then have to deposit funds with their preferred broker. Normally, the minimum is $250, but I suggest you deposit $500 to get the full benefits your broker offers.

The trader will then go to the option Robot settings where he/she will choose 1 of 3 trading methods:

1. Classic which is the safest

2. Martingale is highly profitable but there is more risk involved

3. Fibonacci which is considered highly accurate


The trader will choose which expiry time from:

60 seconds

5 minutes

10 seconds

15 minutes

30 minutes

or 1 hour

The trader will choose the amount of each trade Option Robot will make. These can be between $5 and $500. They also can choose how many, up to 8 simultaneous trades the robot will make at any given time.

One of the most important settings the account holder will make is the decision as to what trading indicators the system will use to trade. He/she can choose 1 or more. If more than 1, they must all agree, or the trade will not be made.

The indicators the trader can choose from are:







Lastly, the trader will choose which assets Option Robot will trade in. At this time, Option Robot only trades in currency pairs.

“As a stay at home Mom, I wanted to find a way I could invest so I know that my children would have a college education. I decided to try Option Robot and I am so happy I did. Their college will easily be paid for with money left over.” Nancy Kingman Australia

We’re sure you want to use the Option Robot and start ...Making your money and it’s just a click to witness the trick.

How to sign up for Option Robot

Other automatic trading systems make it sound like there are only a few places left in their system for sign ups. Option Robot does not play games like that. There are many available accounts. All you need to do is click create an account and fill out the required information. You will then choose your preferred binary options broker, and you will be directed to their sign up page to provide the needed information.

Once that is all complete, you simply deposit funds.

images If you would like to experiment with various settings to find your favorites, you can start with a demo account.
Once you have your settings where you desire, you can simply turn the Option Robot to automatic. As long as your internet is on and Option Robot is open and set to auto, the system will begin making trades for you.
You can take care of other responsibilities while the system makes trades.
Just "pop-in" later and see how much you have made in profits. When you are ready to withdraw those profits, you will do so through your preferred broker. Option Robot does not handle the finances; it just makes profits for you.
We recommend you visit Option Robot now and try it yourself. You will be extremely happy you did.

Binary Trading Global’s Opinion

We have made a thorough research on the pros and cons of this Option Robot and we have found them to be reliable and customer friendly. Above all they meet the expectations of a trader and that is the most important part of the business and they have fulfilled it with sheer professionalism and class. We are sure they will also continue to keep up the good work as we are constantly monitoring their role in the Binary options Robot industry and we will keep updating information regularly. As traders have placed their confidence on Binary Trading Global and have given us the patronage in the last 3 years we have kept up our decorum by providing reviews based on traders experience and brokers performance. We strongly recommend that you can use Option Robot and you will be the next one to send us your reviews as a trader pretty soon.

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