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Binary Options Trading came to me through word of mouth from few of my business colleagues who were already in to it and making some handsome profits with small investments. I was drawn in to it because of the money it could generate as a second income. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire but the discipline and hard work needed to become one is little too much for me. But with Binary Options I knew I can make some good money. I made my research and that’s when I happened to speak to a trading consultant from Binary Trading Global who called me on my cell phone and I was not happy to lose minutes talking to someone I don’t know however the consultant promised to send me an email with information and his Skype id. We got to speak to each other on Skype again and that’s when he made me understand Binary Options is not as easy as it sounds, it’s a highly volatile market and I should be ready to lose to gain or learn a lot to make money. I was introduced to 24Options one of the leading binary Options brokers in the industry. As the trading consultant promised 24Options took great care of my account, they tutored me on Binary Options and I was happy to invest and make money in quick succession. I was not happy with the losses I endured however the profits did out beat all my worries.


I fairly new to Binary Trading, I’m a Forex trader and do a lot of stocks. I was surprised to receive a call from Binary Trading Global since I attended a seminar on Binary Options in Pretoria with the traders association. I knew I have registered for a call back from them however I was not sure if I should do Binary Trading not because I have not traded in the past but because I have had nasty experience with Binary Brokers. When I spoke to a trading consultant from Binary Trading Global I was impressed because they clearly gave me an idea as to who is a registered broker and who is not. They told me that I can choose to work with both and the decision is mine. The trading consultant was professional and suggested that I trade with brokers reviewed by them as they have been thoroughly reviewed and its based on traders experience and not brokers. I opted to work with IQ option, what a way to start. Binary Trading Global was able to understand that depositing a $500 in to a broker from South Africa is a lot of money in South African Rand. They introduced me to IQ Option who accepted minimum deposits from $10 however me being a trader already understood that mere $10 will not suffice so I was happy to make a minimum deposit of $100 and thereon there is not stop, I’ve earned good profits and I’ve also invested regularly with them to carry on trading.


I stopped trading on Binary Options because I lost a lot of money in it. I wanted to get in to Forex trading and was looking out for options. I received an email from a trading consultant from Binary Trading Global who also recommends good Forex traders. I registered for a call back. I was happy to spend some time with the trading consultant discussing my past trading experience in Binary Options and how I happened to lose $5000 in it. The consultant asked me the names of the brokers I was shocked when he told me about Binary Trading Scams, I was all along working with Scam Brokers and they have been robbing me. I cannot speak good English but I’m understandable. The trading consultant from Binary Trading Global gave me an option from his list of reviewed brokers and I was happy to pick up GOption broker who had two choices for me I could trade on Forex and on Binary Options. I was supplied with immeasurable support from GOptions on both Forex trading and Binary Trading.


I’ve been in the US for 15 years now, I’m from Poland. My English is good enough and I’m in to Binary Options Trading for almost a year and a half. Binary Options trading experience is a mixed bag. Options trading are risky and not as rosy as how brokers or affiliates portray it to be. I have made money and I have lost money and winning was not a lot of money until I spoke to a trading consultant from Binary Trading Global. He is an Options Trading consultant and not a broker and has worked closely with 600 traders in Calafornia, Hwaii, Wisconsin, Chicago and Texas. It was nice to talk to him he was not convincing me to deposit with a broker of his choice on the other hand he had a choice of brokers on whom the organization has made a complete review about. I’m glad to give my views on the brokers he recommended as this is how few other traders made their reviews before. Every broker on their site are reviewed and when you talk to the consultant you can easily get their pros and cons. My honest suggestion to new or experienced brokers give your honest reviews on the broker that you are dealing with and Binary Trading Global will bring to light on their website.